Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Mauritius border patrol vessel Rescuer 1989-

A Zhuk-class project 1400M design. Offered by the Soviet Union already in early 1980s, but not earlier commissioned in the coast guard as on 3 December 1989. Displacement 35,9-39,7 (full load) tons and as dimensions 21,70 (waterline)-23,80 x 3,80 (waterline)-5,00 x 1,00 metres. Machinery consisted of 2 M-401B diesel engines supplying 2.300 bhp allowing with 2 screws a speed of 30 knots. With a speed of 15 knots a range of 500 nautical miles and with an endurance to stay at sea of 5 days. Crew numbers 13 men including 3 officers. Armament consist of 2x2-12,7cm 79cak Utës-M machineguns.