Sunday, 12 March 2017

Norwegian navy stationed warships in arctic waters according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1938 no. 5

An item referred to the Proceedings dated April 1938 reporting that the Norwegian navy stationed the Olav Tryggvason (1), the torpedo boat Sleipner (2) and 3 submarines for a longer period in the arctic ocean. This was probably done as a result of the interest shown by not specified powers in the Norwegian waters. Four years earlier were anonymous aircraft sighted flying over the coast and later became that anonymous submarines visited the fjords. It was believed that the Russian fleet without much problems could block the entire Scandinavian western coastline.

1. Minelayer. Laid down at the Royal Norwegian Naval shipyard, Horten, Norway with yard number119 on 1 January 131, launched on 21 December 1932m commissioned on 21 June 1934, captured by German forces on 9 April 1940, commissioned in the German navy as the Albatross II on 11 April 1940, renamed Brummer on 16 April 1940, damaged beyond repairs during a British air attack when lying in the dock of the Deutsche Werke, Kiel, Germany on 3 April 1945 and broken up between 1945-1948.
2. A destroyer of the Sleipner-class, laid down at the Royal Norwegian Naval shipyard, Horten, Norway with yard number 120 on 3 October 1934, launched on 7 May 1936, commissioned in 1936, decommissioned on 1959 and sold to be broken up in the same year.