Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Preliminary design for an US Navy scout or light cruiser dated September 1915

Drawn as a result to become familiar with the qualities of much smaller cruisers than the studied scout cruiser at that moment. The design is never realized.

Displacement 8.000 tons and as dimensions 520’ (waterline) x 56’ (waterline) x 17’9”. Block coefficient 0.542 and longitudinal coefficient 0.602. Normal displacement: hull complete+hull fittings 3.427 tons, steam engineering 2.025 tons, reserve feed, 2.3 supply 423 tons, battery 122 tons, ammunition and 2/3 ordnance stores 116 tons, equipment and 2/3 equipment stores 240 tons, outfit and 2/3 stores 264 tons and oil fuel 2/3 full supply 1.683 tons. The turbine machinery and 5 boiler rooms supplied 31.700 ehp allowing a speed of 30 knots. With a cruising speed of 10 knots was the range 15.000nautical miles. With independent cruising engines was the range even to be 28.000 miles with 1.25 lbs oil/ship/hour. The armament consisted of 6-6” quick firing guns (1x1&1x2 fore and aft) and 2-3” anti aircraft guns.

Naval History and Heritage Command Spring Styles Book 1911-1925 drawing S 584-088.