Monday, 6 March 2017

USA needed 2 oceans fleet according to the Dutch newspaper Soerabaijasch handelsblad dated 25 November 1940

An item dated Washington, USA 24th wrote the American secretary of the navy colonel Frank Knox in his annual account to the president that the Americans could have faith in their navy. But the USA needed to have a 2 oceans navy and everything less was dangerous and unacceptable. Referring going on in Europe he pointed out that predicted operations by naval aircraft already accepted by the US navy became reality. The building of new naval air bases in Alaska, Middle Pacific and in the USA was still going on in good progress.

1. William Franklin Knox (1 January 1874 Boston, Massachusetts, USA-28 April 1944 Washington, D.C.). Secretary of the Navy 11 July 1940-28 April 1944? He had the rank of major in the US navy.