Friday, 14 April 2017

Chile wanted to let built 2 super dreadnoughts according to the Dutch newspaper Het nieuws van den dag voor Nederlands-Indië dated 17 July 1911

Almirante Latorre

An item referred to the Evening Standard reporting that the Chilean cabinet wanted to purchase two super dreadnoughts of 30.000 tons stronger as the existing battleships. Building costs of each ship were to be 30 million guilders with a main armament of 10-37,5cm guns. The largest British battleships at that moment had a main armament of 10-32,5cm guns so the Chilean ships were far more heavier armed. Tenders were already given by several companies including British firms. The Evening Standard was convinced that a British firm would obtain the order while the Chilean cabinet asked for a delivery on short notice.(1)

1. This must be the Almirante Latorre-class consisting of the Almirante Latorre and the Almirante Cochrane were ordered to be built in England in 1911 and 1912 with a displacement of 25.401 (standard)-32.514 (full load) tons and a main armament of 10-35,6cm/14” guns. Both ships were purchased by the Royal British Navy. The Almirante Latorre served as the battleship HMS Canada but before she was sold to Chile in 1920. The Almirante Cochrane became the British aircraft carrier HMS Eagle.