Friday, 21 April 2017

France building new design destroyers according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1914-1915 no. 3

the Mécanicien Principal Lestin

An item reported that at Rochefort, France 2-1.200 tons destroyers of a new design were to be laid down armed with the 2/3-14cm/5.5” guns.(1)

1. At the Arsenal de Rochefort were on respectively 13 July and 15 May 1915 the Enseigne Roux and the Mécanicien Principal Lestin launched. The Enseigne Roux-class was preceded by the Bisson-class and succeeded by the Aventurier-class and had a displacement of 850 normal)-1.075 (deep load) tons and an armament of 2x1-10cm/3.9” Mle 1893 guns, 4x1-6,5cm/2.6” Mle 1902 guns and 2x2-45cm/18” torpedo tubes.