Saturday, 15 April 2017

New British battleship HMS Orion devalued the HSM Dreadnought according to the Dutch newspaper De Sumatra Post dated 15 September 1911

HMS Dreadnought


An item reported that the newest British battleship Orion of 22.680 ton reduced the HMS Dreadnought into a second class battleship.(1)

1. Of the Orion-class. Laid down at the Portsmouth Dockyard on 29 November 1909, launched on 20 August 1910, sea trials begun in September 1911, commissioned on 2 January 1912, seagoing gunnery training ship stationed at Portland since June 1921, paid off on 12 April 1922, decided to dispose her as a result of the Washington Treaty, sold to shipbreakers firm Cox and Danks on 19 December 1922 and broken up at Upnor in February 1923.