Saturday, 27 May 2017

Japanese light cruiser Yubari 1922-1944

Built under the 1917 8-4 Fleet Program, building ordered in October 1921, laid down by Sasebo Naval Arsenal, Japan as an experimental scout cruiser on 5 June 1922, launched on 5 March 1923, commissioned on 23 July 1923, modernized in begun 1944 and sunk by the American submarine USS Bluegill off Palau on 28 April 1944. Designed by the Japanese top naval architect Yuzuru Hiraga (ending his career as vice admiral)and lieutenant commander Fujimoto Kikuo.

Displacement 2.890 (standard design)-3.141 (full load design)-4.075 (full load actual) and as dimensions 138,90 x 12,04 x 3,58 metres or 455.9 x 39.6 x 11.9 feet. The machinery consisted of 3-shaft geared steam turbines and 8 Kampon boilers supplying 57.740hp allowing a speed of 35,5 knots and with a speed of 14 knots a range of 5.000 nautical miles. Her crew numbered 328 men. Armament (original) consisted of 2x2&2x1-14cm/5.5” cal 50 3rd Year Type naval guns, 1-8cm cal 40 3rd Year type naval gun, 2-7,7mm machineguns and 2x2-61cm/24” type 93 torpedo launchers for which 8 torpedoes were available. In 1944 consisted the armament of 2x2-14cm/5.5’ 50cal 3rd Year Type naval gun, 1-12cm/4.7” cal 45 10th Year Type naval gun, 6x2&1x32,5cm/0.98” Type 96 anti aircraft guns, 4-61cm/24” Type 93 torpedo launchers for which she carried 8 torpedoes and 2 depth charge launchers. The armour consisted of a 3,8cm/1.5” thick belt, a 2,5cm/0.98” thick deck and with the turrets protected by 2,5cm/0.98”.