Sunday, 28 May 2017

Russian fortress Alexander at Kronstadt

Kronstadt, Russia 23 May 2017

Built in 1838-1845 under the supervision of engineer Carbonjer and Moris Dastrem in the Finnish Gulf. For the building was first the construction of an artificial island necessary. Bean/oval-shaped with as dimensions 90 x 60 metres were 4 combat floors available with totally 103 portholes for guns. On the roof of the fortress were another 34 guns projected. Accommodation for 1.000 military. On 27 July 1845 taken into service. Together with other fortress Alexander was to protect the south waterway towards St. Petersburg, Russia. After it lost it combat value in the 19th Century due to new kind of guns it was between 1897-1917 used as a research laboratory against the plague.