Friday, 9 June 2017

British Invincible-class battle cruisers and Bellerophon-class battleships had to limit their maximum developed horsepower according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1909-1910 no. 10



An item referred to the magazine Schiffbau reporting that to prevent forcing the boilers to much in peacetime the British Indomitable (1) and Bellerophon (2)-classes were limited in developing horsepower to a maximum respectively 45.000 and 27.000 hp. The Parsons turbines performed very well until now without damages. Just of a limited number of ships were after trials the turbines internally examined.

1. Invincible-class battle cruisers consisting of the Invincible, Inflexible and Indomitable completed between 1908-1909, with steam turbines supplying 41.000 shp and a speed of 25 knots.
2. Bellerophon-class battleships consisting of the Bellerophon, Superb and Temeraire completed in 1909, with steam turbines supplying 23.000 shp and a speed of 21 knots.