Saturday, 17 June 2017

Italy started building battleships Littorio and Vittorio Veneto according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad 1934 no. 7


With our thanks to Enrico

An item referred to the magazine Rivista Marittima dated October 1934 reporting that according to the Washington Naval Treaty Italy was allowed to built 1-35.000 ton battleship in 1927 and a second one in 1929. The 35.000 tons Littorio and Veneto now under construction were the first battleships laid down in Italy since 1914. The designs were already a considerable time ago prepared. The maximum speed was as to be more as 28 miles. The main armament were 38,1cm guns with a fire range of 40 kilometres.(1)

1. Of the Littorio or Vittorio Veneto-class consisting of the Vittorio Veneto (laid down 28 October 1934), Littoral (laid down 28 October 1934), Roma (laid down 18 September 1039)and Impero (laid down 14 May 1938, not completed) with a main armament of 3x3-38,1cm/15.0” L/50 guns and a displacement of 40.724 (standard)-45.236 (full load) tons.