Sunday, 30 July 2017

American battleship USS Washington sunk when used as target according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1925 no. 3


An item referred to the German magazine Marine Rundschau reporting that the US Navy used the Washington as target for artillery exercises and aircraft attacks. The ship was hard to sink. Despite 3 hits of the largest available bombs and torpedo hits was she floating after 4 days without pumping or that the leaking was stopped. Finally was she sunk by 14 hits of 35cm guns in 2.45 hours. The main conclusion was that guns were still the most important weapon.(1)

1. Laid down by the New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Camden, New Jersey, USA on 30 June 1919, launched by Jean Summers on 1 September 1921, building stopped on 8 February 1922 as a result of the Washington Naval treaty and sunk by the USS New York and Texas while used as a gunnery target on 26 November 1924.Of the Colorado-class consisting of the Colorado, Maryland, West Virginia and Washington preceded by the Tennessee-class and succeeded by the South Dakota and North Carolina-classes. Naval Treaty of Washington between the United States, British Empire, Japan, France and Italy signed on 6 February 1922 as a result of the Washington Naval Conference between November 1921-February 1922 which intended to limit the total capitals ship tonnage of these five major powers.