Friday, 21 July 2017

Dutch protected cruiser Hr. Ms. Holland underway with tow to the Moluccas according to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad dated 27 February 1910

Design Holland-class 1894 based on the British Apollo-class

Bromo in original appearance

An item reported that the Dutch protected cruiser HMS Holland (1) was destined for the Moluccas, Dutch East Indies while towing a government coal hulk. This hulk was the aged Bromo (2), fully loaded with coal for the war and government sloops used by the several exploration detachments on the Netherlands New Guinea. At this manner were the huge transports costs with private ships spared.

1. Of the Holland-class first sub-class Holland consisting of the Holland, Zeeland and Friesland, laid down at the navy yard at Amsterdam, Netherlands on 6 May 1895, launched on 4 October 1896, commissioned on 1 July 1898 and sold for ƒ 126.275 to firm G.B. Pas&Zn., Bols, Netherlands on Wednesday 21 January 1920 11.oo o‘clock at the navy yard at Willemsoord, Netherlands. Other sources stated sthat she was sold to the shipbreaker N.V. Frank Rijsdijk;s Scheepsslooperij, Hendrik Ido Ambacht, Netherlands.
2. Paddle steamship 2nd class, call sign GQDF, iron-built with wood-planked, rigged but very worse sail performance, on stocks at the shipyard of the Kon. Fabriek etc., Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1873, launched in 1874, engines and boilers repaired in 1877, temporarily guard ship at Batavia, Dutch East Indies 27 August-13 November 1883, decommissioned 15 March 1890, needed major repaired and at the same time fitted out as guard ship at Batavia, commissioned as guard ship at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies as replacement of the Surabaya on 1 April 1892, decommissioned and replaced by the Koning der Nederlanden on 1 December 1899, used as store ship for the army during South Celebes-expedition in 1905, fitted out as coal hulk and serving at Merauke in 1910, stricken in in 1914, towed from Merauke towards Surabaya in 1916, sold there on a public auction an the naval establishment to the K.P.M. at 09.00 o’clock 12 November 1917.