Sunday, 16 July 2017

Dutch shipyard Kon. Mij. De Schelde at Vlissingen, Netherlands delivered steam boiler for Dutch steam pilot vessel Inspecteur Generaal Twent in 1907

Municipality Archive Vlissingen, Netherlands. 
Archive shipyard Kon. Mij. De Schelde T506.2081, d.d. 8 May 1907

In the order administration dated 27 March/13 April 1907 was the order for account of the Dutch Department of Navy described as the delivery of the steam boiler no. 481 for the Dutch steam pilot vessel Hr. Ms. Inspecteur Generaal Twent. Contracted price ƒ 8.200. Building costs totally ƒ 7.346,38 (material+cash ƒ 3.905,09, labour ƒ 1.995,98, drawings ƒ 110.25, expenses ƒ 1.247,76, night+ash? ƒ 87,30) resulting in a profit of ƒ 853,62.(1)

1. Built by Maatschappij voor Scheeps- en Werktuigbouw Fijenoord, Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1900, served as auxiliary minelayer and minesweeper in 1914-1918 and returned to the pilot service in 1920.

Archive Kon. Mij. De Schelde, Vlissingen, Netherlands 1875-1970 (Municipality Archive Vlissingen T.214.1217).