Thursday, 6 July 2017

Former German warships underway from France to the USA according to the Dutch newspaper Het Vaderland dated 17 July 1920


Bow decoration of SM Helgoland

An item reported that the former German warships ceded to the USA depart on the 13th Brest, France underway towards New York, USA. The squadron consisted of the battleship Ostfriesland, a number of destroyers, submarines and minesweepers and a battle cruiser. The battle cruiser [a battleship] Ostfriesland and 3 destroyers were to be stationed in the harbour of New York. What would happen with the other ships was yet unknown.(1)

1. Battleship. Of the Helgoland-class consisting of the Helgoland, Ostfriesland, Thüringen and Oldenburg. Preceded by the Nassau-class and succeeded by the Kaiser-class. Laid down at the Kaiserliche Werft, Wilhelmshaven as the Ersatz Oldenburg with yard number 31 on 19 October 1908, launched on 30 September 1909, commissioned on 1 Augustus 1911, in service on 22 September 1911, stricken from the navy list on 5 November 1919, handed over to the USA according to the Treaty of Versailles and to compensate the German warships scuttled at Scapa Flow as the “H”, departed Germany on 7 April 1920 with a German crew towards to Rosyth, Scotland and from there on 9 April by an American crew to the USA and sunk on 21 July 1921 while used as target ship by bombers off Cape Hatteras. Building costs 43.579.000 gold marks