Sunday, 9 July 2017

France parliament approved building of 2 battleships according to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad dated 24 February 1911



An item dated Paris, France 24th reported that the Chamber with 475 against 95 rejected a proposal of Jaurès to stop the discussions dealing with the navy until was decided what to do with the conclusions of the investigation commission of the navy and the whole maritime program. The first article of the Fleet law was approved with 461 against 76 votes. It allowed the cabinet to start with the building of 2 battleships. The proposal done by Painlevé to let the naval yards built both ships was with 427 against 137 votes rejected after the budget commission promised that the next two battleships were to be built by the naval yards.(1)

1. The first French dreadnoughts of the Courbet-class consisting of the Courbet (Arsenal de Lorient 1-9-1910), Jean Bart (Arsenal de Brest 15-11-1910), Paris (F.C. de la Mediterranee 10-11-1911) and France (A.C. de la Loire (30-11-1911), succeeded by the Bretagne-class? The latter class was built under the Statut Naval of 30 March 1912 and was an improved Courbet-class using the same hull design. This class consisted of the Bretagne (Arsenal de Brest 22-07-1912), Provence (Arsenal de Lorient (21-5-1912), Lorraine A.C. de la Loire 7-11-1912) and the nerve completed Vasilefs Konstantin’s (A.C. de la Loire 12-6-1914) built for Greece.