Saturday, 22 July 2017

French battleship Diderot executed with success trials according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1911-1912 no. 4



An item referred to the magazine le Yacht reporting that the French battleship Diderot with a machinery of turbines and Niclausse-boilers with success executed her trials. At the full power trial was instead of the contracted speed of 19,25 miles a speed if 19,90 miles achieved and with even runs of 20,14 miles. Coal consumption 170 kilo/square metre grid surface/hour.(1)

1. Of the Danton-class consisting of the Condorcet, Danton, Diderot, Mirabeau, Vergniaud and Voltaire. Building at the Ateliers et Chantiers de la Loire, St. Nazaire, France started in 26 December 1906, laid down on 23 August 1907, launched on 19 April 1909, completed on 1 August 1911, modernized 1922-1925, training ship since 1927, condemned on 17 March 1937 and sold for 3.557.019 French francs to M. Gosselin-Durlez, arriving at Dunkirk, France to be broken up on 31 August 1937. Preceded by the Liberté-class and succeeded by the Courbet-class. Due to the huge number of changes of the original design and lacking decisions of the French minister of navy Gaston Thomson (29 January 1848, Oran, French Algeria-14 May 1932 Bône, Algeria) in time caused a serious delay in realizing the class. General technical specifications of this class.