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Gun exercises on board of the exercis on board of the Dutch coastal defence ship Hr. Ms. Koningin-Regentes underway from the Dutch East Indies towards the Netherlands in June-July 1919

The Dutch coastal defence ship Hr. Ms. Koningin-Regentes (1) departed on 7 June 1919 from Batavia, Dutch East Indies via Colombo (Sri Lanka), Aden (Yemen), Port-Said (Egypt) and Algiers (Algeria) back to the Netherlands where she on 28th July arrived in the Nieuwediep. Commanding officer was captain C. Fock.(2)

Underway towards Colombo, Sri Lanka was regularly trained with the guns. The 4-15cm guns were replaced by 7,5cm guns, sea locked but not ready to be used. The ammunition holds were hardly accessible due to the large amount of 7,5cmammunion and the government stores she was to transport to the Netherlands. The ammunition transport to the 24cm guns and the 7,5cm guns on the sundeck was not problems. The ammunition for the 7,5cm guns on gangways the had to be placed on deck

Jaarboek van de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeemacht 1917-1918.

1. Laid down at the navy yard at Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1898, launched on 24 April 1900, commissioned on 3 January 1902, decommissioned in 1920 and sold at Nieuwediep, Netherlands on 18 October 1922. Armament consisted of 2z1-24cm guns, 4x1-15cm guns, 8x1-7,5cm guns, 4x1-1pd guns and 3-45cm torpedo tubes.
2. Cornelis Fock (30 August 1871 The Hague, Netherlands-1 July 1959 The Hague, Netherlands), dismissed in the rank of vice admiral on 10 February 1927.