Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Norwegian torpedo boats well camouflaged and hardly visible according to Dutch naval report in 1909

An item reported that the Dutch coastal defence ship Hr. Ms. Piet Hein (1) departed on 16th July 1909 Nieuwediep, Netherlands for a training voyage, arriving on the 23rd at Bergen, Norway. The Hr. Ms. Piet Hein left Bergen on the 28th Bergen and anchored on the 30th off Skjolden and in the 31st in the entrance of the Esefjord. On 10th August she anchored in the roads of Texel, Netherlands.

Underway from Bergen towards the Sognefjord sighted the commanding officer of the Hr. Ms. Piet Hein a division of Norwegian torpedo boats in the outer fjords. The boast were grey painted which colour integrated in such manner with the almost bare rocks above the waterline, that they were hardly visible.

Jaarboek van de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeemacht 1908-1909. 

1. Part of the Evertsen-class. Laid down at the shipyard of the Nederlandsche Stoomboot Maatschappij, Rotterdam in 1893, launched on 16 August 1894, commissioned on 3 January 1896, condemned in 1914, intended sale on 18 August 1914 postponed until Tuesday 20th October at 11.30 o’clock and then sold for ƒ 90.000 to Wilton’s Scheepswerf, Rotterdam, Netherland.