Sunday, 23 July 2017

Turbines on board of British cruisers demanding extremely much space according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1911-1912 no. 4

An item referred to the German magazine Schiffbau reporting that the British cruiser Amphion (1) of the building was to start on short notice at Pembroke, England was to be fitted out with a combination of Parsons and Curtis turbines and just 2 propeller shafts to reduced the necessary needed space. A second item claimed that on board of her and of the 4 former Boadicea’s (2) the machinery over a length of 74 feet demanded the complete width of the ship. Estimated was when for the Boadicea’s was chosen for piston engines, just half of the space was required now used for the turbines.

1. Part of the Active class scout cruisers consisting of the Active, Amphion and Fearless, preceded by the Blonde-class, laid down at Pembroke Navy Yard on 27 July 1910, launched on 14 March 1911, commissioned in December 1911 and sold to be broken up on 21 May 1920. In fact fitted out with 2 Parsons steam turbine sets and  shafts.
2. The Boadicea-class scout cruisers consisting of the Boadicea and Bellona, preceded by the Sentinel-class and succeeded by the Blonde-class, were fitted out with 4 shafts and 2 Parsons steam turbine sets. The Blonde-class consisting of the Blonde and Blanche, succeeded by the Active class were also fitted out with 4 shafts and 2 Parsons steam turbine sets.