Tuesday, 1 August 2017

American Electric Boat Company submarine design Type 17-D dated 10 February 1909

Dimensions 105’3½” (over all) x 13.9” (maximum diameter) x 13’10½” (maximum beam and a displacement of 240 (light)-274 (total with superstructure)-294 (total submerged) tons. Surface buoyance 14% of surface displacement 13¾”, metacentric height submerged 7¼”and range of positive stability 180 degrees. Air capacity around 73 cubic feet at 2.500 pound/square inch. She was fitted out with a superstructure and a flat deck for navigation tasks while surfaced and to be used as shelter and storage of appliances.

The two main engines were inverted 6-cylinder single acting marine type engines to supply each 250hp at 500rpm. The two multipolar direct current main motors supplied each 125hp (continuously-260hp (during one hour). Guaranteed surfaced speed 10¾ knots. Endurance 55 hours or590 knots. Range with cruising speed of 8½ knots is 900 knots. Guaranteed submerged speed 11 knots. Endurance 1½ hours. Range with a speed of 6 knots is 60 knots. Fuel bunker capacity around 3.900 US gallons.

To go from light to submerged condition was 5 minutes needed and from intermediate condition to submerged 2 minutes. The hull proper was constructed of steel allowing to dive to a depth of 200 feet.

The armament consisted of 2 internal torpedo tubes in the bow for launching 45cm torpedoes with a length of 5,2 metres. Each tube was loaded and in this manner available for immediate response and in cradles on the battery deck were two spare torpedoes stored.

Archive Kon. Mij. De Schelde 1875-1960 (Municipality Archive Vlissingen) T 214.802.