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American Electric Boat Company submarine design Type 105-A dated 2 April 1914

Copyright Archive Municipality Archive Vlissingen 413.40/FA11887

The Dutch shipyard Kon. Mij. De Schelde at Vlissingen, Netherlands built several submarines using E.B.C. designs. In November 1914 was the contract with the Royal Netherlands Navy signed for building the submarine K III to serve in the Dutch East Indies. For this destination she was of larger dimensions than the O submarines which served in the European coastal waters. She was ordered on 24 July 1914m laid down with yard number 161 on 15 July 1915 in the shed on the North bank, launched on 12 August 1919 and handed over t the Royal Netherlands Navy on 4 September 1920. Dimensions 64,08 (over all) x 5,426 x 4,856 (hold) and a displacement of 582,6 (surfaced)-720 (submerge) tons. Diving depth 40 metres. Armament 2-45cm stern torpedo tubes, 2-24cm torpedo tubes in the superstructure and 2-45 next to each other 45cm bow tubes, 1-7,5cm gun and 1 machineguns. She could carry 12 torpedoes with her. Radius with a speed of 11 knots was 3.500 nautical miles and submerged with 8,5 knots 25 miles. Speed 16,5 (surfaced)-9,2 (submerged) knots. The shipyard corresponded with the E.B.C. about the original design.

Dimensions 63,72 (over all) x 5,56 (maximum over fenders) x 5,54 (depth bottom keel-top superstructure deck) x 3,40 (surface to bottom of keel) x 2,24 (surface freeboard to superstructure deck)-3,44 (surface freeboard to upper deck station) metres, displacement of 544,1 (surfaced)-697,5 (submerged excluded non-watertight parts)-782,0 (included non-watertight parts) tons. Net buoyancy 153,4, 28,2% of surface displacement and 22,0% of submerged displacement and buoyancy including 65% of the superstructure is 29,9% of the submerged displacement. Total weight of ballast and fuel that can be blown/pumped at 40 metres 198 tons, or 28,4% (of submerged displacement)-36,4% (of surfaced displacement). Range of stability 140 (surfaced)-180 (submerged) degree. Metacentric height 40cm (surface)-26cm (submerged, guaranteed) centimetres.

Guaranteed surfaced speed using the main engines was 17 (changed with a pencil in 17,5) knots.
Surface radius with a speed of 17 knots on base of the internal fuel tanks was 1.850 nautical miles (changed with a pencil in 1.600), with a speed of 11 knots with the use of one engine on base of the internal fuel tanks guaranteed 3.500 nautical miles and with a speed of 11 knots with the use of 1 engine and maximum fuel bunker capacity 5.400 nautical miles. Horsepower of one engine with a speed of 12 knots was 560 shp.

Guaranteed submerged speed during 3 hours was 8,5 knots, during 1½ hours 11 knots. Design speed during 1 hour was 11 knots (crossed with a pencil). Economical submerged speed was 5 knots and the corresponding design radius 85 nautical miles.
Machinery consisted of 2 oil fuelled engines each of 400hp, 2 main electric motors each of 315hp during 1½ hours and 2 main electric motors for continuous use of each 210hp.

Diving test depth 45 metres (changed by pencil into 40).

Armament consisted of 4 internal bow torpedo tubes and if desired 2 internal in the stern and 1x2 on deck for which 8 torpedoes were carried to be increased if desired with 2-4 torpedoes.

Archive Kon. Mij. De Schelde 1875-1970 (Municipality Archive Vlissingen, Netherlands) Inventory number 214.802