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Dutch coastal defence ship Hr. Ms. Piet Hein visited Norway in 1909

Hr. Ms. Evertsen, sister ship of the Piet Hein

Norwegian Tordenskjold

An item reported that the Dutch coastal defence ship Hr. Ms. Piet Hein (1) departed on 16th July 1909 Nieuwediep, Netherlands for a training voyage, arriving on the 23rd at Bergen, Norway. While passing the Bay of Lervik was a part of the Norwegian fleet sighted consisting of the Nordenskjold (2), a destroyer and 10 torpedo boats although none command flag. At the time of her arrival were there no warships lying. The same day arrived the German training ship Hertha (3) and on the 26th the German torpedo boat G78, part of the escort of the German emperor who stayed at Molde. The torpedo boat left the next day. The Hr. Ms. Piet Hein left Bergen on the 28th Bergen and anchored on the 30th off Skjolden and in the 31st in the entrance of the Esefjord. Underway was the German training ship Victoria Louise (4) bound for Gudvangen passed. On 10th August she anchored in the roads of Texel, Netherlands.

Jaarboek van de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeemacht 1908-1909.

1. Part of the Evertsen-class consisting of the Evertsen, Piet Hein and Kortenaer. Laid down at the shipyard of the Nederlandsche Stoomboot Maatschappij, Rotterdam in 1893, launched on 16 August 1894, commissioned on 3 January 1896, condemned in 1914, intended sale on 18 August 1914 postponed until Tuesday 20th October at 11.30 o’clock and then sold for ƒ 90.000 to Wilton’s Scheepswerf, Rotterdam, Netherland.
2. She was named after Peter Tordenskjold, ordered in 1896 to be build at the yard of Armstrong at Newcastle, England, laid down a year later, launched on 18 March 1897, commissioned on 21 March 1898, since 1918 used as a cadet training ship, captured by German forces in April 1940 at Narvik, fitted out in 1941 at Kiel as a floating flak battery and renamed Nymphe and commissioned in March that year, in German service serving mainly around North Norway as protection of the there station German forces and later also around Kiel, returned to Norway at the end of the Second World War and after being used as barrack broken up in 1948. With the Harald Haarfrage was she part of the Tordenskjold-class of just two units. Apparently she was in the mid 1930’s considered as non value for war purposes.
3. Ordered under contract name ‘K’. Of the Victoria Louise-class protected cruisers consisting of the Victoria Louise, Hertha, Freya, Vineta and Hanse, laid down at the AG Vulcan shipyard with yard number 223 in 1895, launched on 14 April 1897, commissioned on 23 July 1898, modernized and training ship since 1918, barracks ship since 1915 stricken on 6 December 1919 and broken up in 1920.
4. Ordered under contract name ‘L‘.Of the Victoria Louise-class protected cruisers consisting of the Victoria Louise, Hertha, Freya, Vineta and Hanse, laid down at the AG Weser shipyard, Bremen with yard number 116 in 1895, launched on 29 March 1897, commissioned on 20 February 1899, modernized in 1906, cadet training ship since 1908, minelayer and barrack ship since 1914, stricken on 1 October 1919, sold and converted into a cargo ship in 1920 and broken up in 1923.