Friday, 11 August 2017

Dutch paddle steamship Zr. Ms. Salak to be recommissioned according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1886-1887 no. 9

An item dated Surabaya, Dutch East Indies 28 September 1886 reported that the Salak was fitted out with a new boiler and to be commissioned again. Her armament was changed into 1-12cm K.A. nr. 1 mounted on a lifted platform above the bow and  1-7,5cm gun mounted on the aft ship both able to fire straight ahead, needed while she served the most of her time on the rivers in the archipelago. Further more had she 2-12cm K.A. no. 1 on the half deck for broadside fire.(1)

1. Paddle steamship 4th class, call sign GQTD, iron-built, built for the Department of Colonies, launched at the shipyard of Ned. Stoomboot Mij., Fijenoord, Netherlands with yard number 85 in 1874, assembled at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies, commissioned on 26/27 December 1877, repaired in 1886, arrival at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies on 23 May 1889, after examination concluded not worth the be repaired, condemned, decommissioned on 13 July 1889, sold with engine and boilers at 10.00 o’clock on 14 September 1889, armament 3 (original: 1 rifled 16cm, 2-13cm guns)-4 (1886: 3-12cm guns, 1-7,5cm gun) guns and a crew numbering 59-69 (47 Europeans, 22 natives).