Friday, 4 August 2017

French armoured cruiser Gueydon needed to achieve contracted speed according to the Dutch magazine Machineblad dated 1903-1904 no. 5

Sistership Dupetit-Thouars

An item referred to the Journal R.V.S.I. reporting that the French minister of navy (1) ordered the naval command at Lorient, France to do their utterly best that after the latest improvements of her machinery the new armoured cruiser Amiral Gueydon (2) achieve the contracted speed of 21 miles. Until this had been impossible. If she still failed, were tests with several types of propellers wanted.

1. This must be Charles Camille Pelletan (28 June 1846 Paris, France-4 June 1915), minister between 7 June 1902 and 24 January 1905.
2. Called elsewhere just Gueydon. Laid down by Arsenal Lorient, France on 13 August 1897, launched on 20 September 1899, commissioned on 1 September 1903 and sunk during an attack by the British Royal Air Force on Brest, France on 13-14 August 1944. Of the Gueydon-class designed by Emile Bertin to be used in the commerce-raiding strategy as dictated by the so-called Jeune Ecole, consisting of the Gueydon, Montcalm and Dupetit-Thouars, preceded by the Jeanne d’Arc and succeeded by the Dupleix-class.