Saturday, 12 August 2017

French gunboat Sagittaire occupying Ponta Negra and Loango, Congo according to the Dutch newspaper De Amsterdammer dated 9 May 1883

An item dated Oporto, Portugal 8th May referred to the Journal do Commercio where a letter received from Congo dated 30th March was published confirming that French forces occupied Ponta Negra and Loango [Republic of Congo]. Without showing a flag and using another name arrived the French gunboat Sagittaire (1) and disembarked troops. A few days handed the commanding officer of the Portuguese gunboat Bengo (2) and Portuguese merchants at Ponta Negra an official protest over to the commanding officer of the Sagittaire.

1 Of the Crocodile class of composite gunboats, launched in 1881 at Normand, Le Havre, France in 1881, completed in 1881 and stricken in 1896.
2. Launched at Laird, Birkenhead, United Kingdom on 23 August 1879, completed in 1879 and stricken in 1905.