Saturday, 12 August 2017

French gunboat Sagittaire sent to the Congo according to the Dutch newspaper Rotterdamsch nieuwsblad dated 21 November 1882

An item dated Paris, France 19th referred to the French newspaper la Patrie and La Liberte reporting that the French gunboat Sagittaire (1) would be sent to the Congo and steamed up the river to sanction the treaty with Makoka.(2)

1 Of the Crocodile class of composite gunboats, launched in 1881 at Normand, Le Havre, France in 1881, completed in 1881 and stricken in 1896.
2. Illoh Makoko, king of the Batekes, ruler of the centre of the Republic of Congo, Gabon and partly the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The treaty was signed with the Italian-born French explorer Pietro Paolo Savorgnan di Brazza (26 January 1852-14 September 1905). The treaty led to what became French Congo (1891-1906).