Tuesday, 17 April 2018

38cm/15” Whitehead training torpedo M 1876

Military Museum Sofia, Bulgaria

For training purposed and used in the Bulgarian navy since 1900. The Bulgarian cruiser Nadezhda (1) was between 1900-1912 fitted out with 5 of such torpedoes. Manufactured by the Whitehead plant at Fiume, Austro-Hungaria [nowadays Rijeka, Croatia]. Total weight 350 kilo, fillers weight 25 kg, length 5,73 metres, speed 18-20 knots, deviation to 60 centimetres and range 500 (effective)-1,2 kilometres.

1. In fact a torpedo gunboat or torpedo cruiser, ordered in 1897, launched by Chantiers et Ateliers de la Gironde, Bordeaux, France on 10 September 1898, commissioned in October 1898, ran aground in 1912 but salvaged and repaired, disarmed in the First Balkan War due to the her worst condition, rearmed but again disarmed in 1915, brought to Sevastopol, Russia [nowadays Russia/Ukraine] for repairs on 16 September 1918, most of her crew sent back to Bulgaria, abandoned at Sevastopol in December 1918, used by the Russian White Caspian Sea forces until 1920, in Bolshevik hands since 1921 and finally broken up in the end of the 1920s. Displacement 715 tons and as dimensions 67 x 8,3 x 3,1 metres or 220 x 27 x 10 feet. Machinery consisted of 2 triple expansion steam engine and 4 boilers delivering 2.600-3.100 hp allowing a speed of 18 knots. Her crew numbered 97 men. Armament consisted of 2-10cm/3.9” naval guns, 2-6,5cm/2.55” naval guns, 2-4,7cm/1.85” naval guns and 2-3,81cm/15” torpedo tubes.