Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Dutch steam trawler Amstelstroom (IJM91) sold within the Netherlands according to the Dutch magazine Schip en Werf dated 11 September 1931

An item reported that the Dutch steel steam trawler Amstelstroom (IJM91) of 166,65 gross register tons and built by Howthorn&Co., Leith, Scotland in 1905 was sold by the Visscherij Maatschappij Frisia, Ijmuiden, Netherlands for ƒ 15.000 towards the firm Parlevliet, Katwijk aan Zee, Netherlands.(1)

1. The Dutch newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad dated 22 August 1931 reported that she was sold on the public auction at Ijmuiden a day earlier for ƒ 1580400 to J.J. Steinmetz and others,Amsterdam, Netherlands and she was earlier property of the N,V, Visscherij Maatschappij Amsltelstroom, Ijmuiden and built at Glasgow, Scotland in 1903.