Friday, 11 May 2018

Armament of Danish coastal defence ship Peder Skram modernized according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1908-1909 no. 9

Olfert Fischer

An item reported that the Danish battleship Peder Skram (1) was fitted out with automatically blowing equipment for her 24cm L/45 Krupp guns and that the Olfert Fischer and Herluf Trolle would follow.

1. Of the Herluf Trolle-class, consisting of the Herluf Trolle, Olfert Fischer and Peder Skram, laid down at the Royal Naval Dockyard, Copenhagen, Denmark on 25 April 1905, launched on 2 May 1908, commissioned on 24 September 1908, scuttled by own crew on 29 August 1943, salvaged by German forces and converted into training and anti aircraft ship Adler stationed at Kiel, Germany, sunk here due an allied aircraft attack, salvaged and brought towards Copenhagen, Denmark in September 1945 and finally sold on 1 April 1949 to be broken up.