Friday, 18 May 2018

German schooner accused of illegal seal hunting of the Pribilof Islands according to the Dutch newspaper Rotterdamsch nieuwsblad dated 20 December 1890

An item referred to American newspapers which published a telegram received from British Colombia reporting that near the Pribyloff Islands a German schooner was seized accused of seal hunting.(1)

1. The Pribilof Islands earlier known as the Northern Fur Sea Islands, four volcano islands off the coast of Alaska. The Northern fur seal swum via the Aleutian island towards the north returning with their pups in the autumn as was known by Russian seal hunters. Between 1870-1890 the monopoly was leased to the Alaska Commercial Company and between 1890-1910 by the North American Commercial Company which suffered heavy losses due to the open sea seal hunting. Since 1911 was the hunting limited and since 1956 forbidden except for the native Aleuts.