Friday, 18 May 2018

Interesting Soviet warships sighted in the harbour of Odessa [Ukraine] according to a CIA report dated 23 June 1955

An item reported that in the harbour of Odessa [Ukraine] a possible radio-controlled ship was seen and a ship which looked like a small aircraft carrier or of a non-common design for a tanker. The first vessel was possibly a converted motor torpedo boat with a bridge concealed with the use of camouflaged metal bulkheads. There seemed to be not crew on board. While the machinery made no noise at all despite a speed of around 20 knots could she be electrically propelled. The second vessel which was at least interesting had an estimated displacement of 14.000 tons and resembled a tanker. The bridge was positioned forward of the beam with the machinery at the aft ship. “Parallel to and overlapping the spar deck, there was a single surface, on metal supports, which extended from bow to stern and was completely open at the stern”.

The report was published on, document number CIA-RDP83-00418R000400160012-3