Sunday, 13 May 2018

The torpedo plant at Kaliningrad, Soviet Union according to a CIA report dated 13 May 1953

An item reported that the torpedo plant at Kaliningrad, Soviet Union consisted of two former plants located between the Pregel River and the railroad line from Primbrsk around 2 kilometres east of the railway station at Kaliningrad. In the plant were torpedoes of all kinds overhauled although not recharged. Head of the plant was a certain Soviet major Bolgev. The personnel consisted first of 600 labourers including 100 Germans and 30-50 Mongols, the remaining labourers were Soviets (of which 15-20 soldiers). Soviets replaced in July 1951 the Germans. There were 2 shits each of 300 men. The needed energy for lightning and machinery was provided by two diesels while the town electric energy plant was unable to provide the needed power. Usually were the spare parts brought by vessels, sometimes by rail delivered at the ramp north of the plant. The overhauled torpedoes were usually transported by small freighters to another destination, seldom by rail.  A barbed-wire fence with a height of around 2 metres surrounded the plant area. A guard consisting of 15-20 Soviet military (with red tabs but lacking numbers on shoulder boards) was available and usually one men armed with a rifle protected an open entrance. There were more entrances but usually not open at the same time. There were no watchtowers.

The report was published on, document number CIA-RDP80-00810A000400540003-8