Sunday, 10 June 2018

Dutch motor tug (ex-Nellie 1941-1965, Chris-B 1975-1975, Vrouwenzand 1975-1977, Catharina 1977-1986, Sirene II 1986-2007) Atina III 2007-

Loswal Middelburg, Netherlands 8 June 2018

Netherlands-flagged and ENI 02202296. Built by De Industrie, D. en Joh. Boot, Alphen aan den Rijn. Netherlands with yard number 1159 on 1941 for account of W. Salomons, Enkhuizen, Netherlands as the Nellie. Seized by the Kriegsmarine and used as patrol vessel on the Baltic Sea. Property of the Dutch government since 14 November 1947and since 30 September 1949 returned to her original owner. Since 23 November 196 of Wed. P.J. Salomons-Bonis, Amsterdam, Netherlands, renamed Chris-B of J. Brink&A. Salomons, Amsterdam since 1 May 1975, as Vrouwenzand since 16 May 1975 of G. Veenstra, Amsterdam, as Catharina since 19 July 1977 of C.L.&J.C. Stenekens, Wiewerd, Netherlands, renamed Sirene II of G.K. Verhoef, Warnsmond, Netherlands since 12 February 1986, since 6 May 1986 of G.W. Nijlant, ‘s-Gravenhage, Netherlands and since 26 February 2007 of G. and A. Hensen, renamed Atina III and homeport Veere. Dimensions 18,60 x 4,95 x 1,80 metres and air draft 4,25 metres. Measured 10 tons. Original 150ehp.