Sunday, 10 June 2018

Dutch steam tug (ex-Dockyard III 1946-1981, Gebroeders Bever 1981-2017) Dockyard III 2017-

Loswal Middelburg, Netherlands 8 June 2018

Dordrecht, Netherlands 10 August 2007

Netherlands-flagged, ENI 02309761. Built by Rotterdamsch Droogdok NV., Rotterdam, Netherlands with yard number 228 as Dockyard III in 1946. Tonnage 42 tons and as dimensions 24,88 x 6,32 x 2,63 metres; other sources claiming 25,06 x 6,31 x 2,56 metres. Since 16 November 1981 property of Stolk Handelsonderneming NV, Hendrik Ido Ambacht, Netherlands and since 25 November 1981 the Gebroeders Bever of S. Beltman, Dordrecht, Netherlands, since 10 April 2017 of Stolk Handelsonderneming BV again and in 2017 renamed Dockyard III of R. Hettich, Bruinisse, Netherlands. Designed for the Soviet Union but never delivered as a result of the Cold war. In 1962 converted into oil-fuelling. Horsepower 650ihp.