Friday, 10 August 2018

Dutch coal lighter H 038 at Banjarmasin, Dutch East Indies on 10 August 1946

In 1946 ordered the Dutch supreme commanding officer in the Far East by order no. 62 to investigate the harbours including shipyards in the Dutch East Indies and Netherlands New Guinea. In those so-called Sitraps (Situation reports) was information collected dealing with the available facilities, personnel and vessels/boats. The Dutch East Indies fell in Japanese hands in the Second World War when the Dutch forces surrendered on 8 March 1942 until Japan surrendered on her turn on 15 August 1945. On 17 August 1945 declared nationalistic leaders like Soekarno and Hadda the independence of what was called the Republik Indonesia. The result was a struggle for years before the Netherlands forced by international pressure accepted the Indonesian independence on 29 December 1949.

On 10 August 1946 reported harbourmaster at Banjarmasin J.C.A. Crevels to the Maritiem Commandant Groote Oost at Makassar the presence of the coal lighter H 038 More details lacking.

Archive Dutch Marinestaf (1942) 1945-1948 inventory number 190, National Archive, The Hague.