Friday, 28 October 2011

British minelayer or mine-laying cruiser HMS Manxman (M70) 1938-1972

Of the Abdiel-class with as sister ships the Abdiel, Latona and Welsham of the 1939 group which was added by the Ariadne and Apollo part of the War Emergency Programme group.

Ordered on 21 December 1938, laid down at the yard of Alexander Stephen and Sons Limited at Linthouse, Govan Glasgow on the river Clyde on 24 March 1939, launched on 5 September 1940,commissioned on 20 June 1941, since 1963 support ship for minesweepers, since 1968 training ship for engineering, stricken in October 1972 and broken up at Newport in 1973. Her motto was Stabit quoconque jerceris to be translated as It will stand, however its is thrown.

With a displacement of 2,650 long tons/2,693 tons (standard)-3,415 long tons/3.470 tons (full load) were her dimensions 112,07 (between perpendiculars)-127 (over all) x 12 x 3,43-4,50 (full load) metres or 440’6”-418’x 40’ x 11’3”-14’9”. The Parsons steam turbines and 4 boilers supplied 72,000 ship allowing a speed of 39¾ knots and with a range of 1,000 nautical miles by a speed of 38 knots. Her crew numbered 242 men. The original armament consisted of 3x2-4’ quick firing guns, 4 quadruple 2pdr quick firing guns, 2x4-50”machine guns (later 12x1-20mm Oerlikons) and 156 mines.