Saturday, 28 January 2017

Cabin boys killed due to incident on board of British battleship HMS Monarch according to the Dutch newspaper Nieuwe Tilburgsche Courant dated 30 June 1914


An item reported that when a boat of the British battleship Monarch was hoisted the hoists broke the boat fell down. Three cabin boys were killed, three others seriously wounded. At that moment was the Monarch lying at Kiel, Germany.(1)

1. Building ordered under 1909 Naval Estimates. Laid down by Armstrong, Elswick, England with yard number 828 on 1 April 1910, launched on 30 March 1911, commissioned in February 1912, decommissioned in 1921, target ship since 14 June 1924, decommissioned and scrapped of valuable parts at Portsmouth and sunk on 21 January 1925 while used as target on a distance of around 50 miles south of the Isles of Scilly by bombers, destroyers and battleships of which the HMS Revenge sunk her finally. Building costs 1.888.736 pond sterling. Building costs 1.892.823 pond sterling and she caused the bankruptcy of the shipyard which built her. Of the Orion-class consisting of the Orion, Monarch, Conqueror and Thunderer preceded by the Colossus-class and succeeded by the King George V-class.