Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dutch screw steamship 1st class Hr. Ms. Koningin Emma der Nederlanden serving in the Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper De Lomotief dated 5 February 1895

An item dated Batavia, Dutch East Indies 5th reported that the same day the supreme commanding officer of the navy in the Dutch East Indies inspected the frigate Hr. Ms. Koningin Emma der Nederlanden (1) which was to depart next morning from Tandjong Priok, Dutch East Indies with an unknown destination.

1. Screw steamship 1st class, also called frigate, call sign GQMF, on stocks as De Ruyter at the naval yard at Amsterdam, Netherlands on 6 November 1876, completed for the half on 31 October 1876, renamed Koningin Emma der Nederlanden on 7 January 1879, launched on 20 January 1879, commissioned on 1 December 1881, decommissioned on 22 May 1896 for repairs, commissioned on 16 June 1897, decommissioned on 23 June 1900, converted at the shipyard De Lastdrager at Den Helder, Netherlands into an accommodation ship in 1908, commissioned on 16 November 1908, guard ship at Willemsoord, Netherlands in 1920, captured by the German forces at Willemsoord on 14 May 1940, capsized and sunk at Den Helder in 1942, salvaged in April 1943 and scuttled north of Fort Harssens, displacement 3.160 ton and as dimensions 80,00-91,85 x 12,50 x 6,10 metres, horsepower 2.732hp/450 nhp, speed 14,10 miles, one double bladed screw with a diameter of 4,88 metres, sail area 1.585 square metres, coal bunker capacity 325 ton for 5ive days full speed, iron built wood planked although the hull above the waterline and some other parts were made of steel to be able to increase the ammunition and coalbunker capacity, her crew numbered 200 men and the armament consisted of 6-17cm guns and 4-12cm guns. The engines and boilers were manufactured by the Koninklijke Fabriek van Stoom- en andere werktuigen te Amsterdam, Netherlands.