Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dutch screw steamship 1st class Zilveren Kruis visiting St. Helena according to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad dated 4 March 1887

Rijksmuseun, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Original url

An item reported that the Dutch screw steam ship 1st class Zilveren Kruis (1) captain D.J. Weys (2) arrived on 21st February at St. Helena, departing on the 24th. Everything was well on board.

1. wood-built, coppered and copper tightened, call sign GRDF, on stocks at the navy yard at Amsterdam, Netherlands 17 June 1867, launched on 18 June 1869, departed the yard on 30 June 1870, trial on 30 June 1870, commissioned on 22 August 1870, new boilers placed and intensive repairs of hull and rigging in winter 1880-1881, decommissioned on 6 December 1888, stricken while lying at Batavia, Dutch East Indies on 27 May 1889 public auction on Saturday 13 July 1889 on the naval establishment at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies to be broken up. Building costs ƒ 936.042,71½. Displacement 2.160 tons, measurement 1.236 tons of 2,83 cubic metres and as dimensions 59 (between perpendiculars)-69,5 (over all0 x 12,75 x 5,5 metres, horsepower 1.480 hp, speed 10,5 miles, a crew numbering 237 men and an armament consisting of original 4 rifled 16cm guns and 6-12cm K.A. guns, in 1886 10-12cm guns.
2. Daniël Johan Weys (Zwolle, Netherlands 20 September 1840-The Hague, Netherlands 25 June 195, with pension on 1 March 1891 in the rank of rear admiral titular.