Monday, 23 January 2017

German frigate FGS Bayern (F217) 1996-

Wilhelmshaven, Germany 1 October 2016

Call sign DRAJ, laid down by Howaldtswerke, Kiel, Germany on 16 December 1993, launched on 30 June 1994 and commissioned on 15 June 1996.

Displacement 3.600-4.490 (full load) tons and as dimensions 138,85 x 16,7 x 4,355-6,3 (over sonar) metres or 455.5 x 55 x 14.3-21 feet. Speed more as 29 knots. Range with a speed of 18 knots 4.000 nautical miles. Crew numbers 219 men (included 26 officers). Machinery consist of 2x8.14MW MTU 20V 956 TB92 diesels and 2 General Electric LM2500 has Turbines supplying totally 38MW. Armament consists of 2 helicopters, 1-7,6cm/62<k-75 multi purpose gun, originally 2 Rheinmetall Rh202 quick fire guns to be replaced by 2,7cm Mauser BK-27 quick firing cannons, 1-Mk 41 Mod 3 vertical launch system for 16 Sea Sparrow anti aircraft missiles, 4-MM38 Exocet anti ship missiles which were to be replaced by RBS 15 Mk.3, 1-Mk49 launchers for 21 rolling airframe missiles and 4-32,4cm/12.7” torpedo tubes for using Mk46 torpedoes.