Sunday, 29 January 2017

The armament of the newly built Dutch protected corvette Zr. Ms. Sumatra according to the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad dated 29 November 1890

An item reported that the Dutch protected corvette Hr. Ms. Sumatra built at the Kon. Fabriek van Stoom- en andere Werktuigen in liquidation at Amsterdam, Netherlands to be added to the Dutch Indies military navy was to be armed with a torpedo launching device, quick firing guns, 2-12cm guns, 1-15cm gun and 1021cm gun. Was to be fitted out with electric lightning.

1. Laid down at the Koninklijke Fabriek van Stoom- en andere Werktuigen, Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1888, launched on 26 April 1890 and sold to be broken up in 1907.