Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dutch screw steamship Zr. Ms. Djambi 1st class underway towards the Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper Middelburgsche courant dated 24 September 1868

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Original url

An item reported that in the afternoon of the 21st the Dutch screw steamship Zr. Ms. Djambi (1) captain lieutenant J.E. Buys  left the roads of Texel, Netherlands bound for the Dutch East Indies.

1. Call sign GQHM, laid down at the navy yard at Amsterdam, Netherlands on 29 December 1858, launched on 31 October 1860, commissioned on 1 June 1861 (?) and finally sold at sold at Cape Town/Simonstad, South Africa for 1.765 pond in 1874. The intention was to remove her engine and to convert her into a sailing vessel. With a displacement of 2.030 tons (A.J. Vermeulen) or a tonnage of 1.083 tons (Parliament papers) were her dimensions 58.00-62,84 x 12,25 x 5,50 metres. Wood-built. The coal bunker capacity of 340 tons allowed a range of 11 days. The horsepower was 250 hp allowing a speed of 8,5 knots. With a crew numbering 212-250 men consisted the armament of 8 long 30 pd guns and 8 rifled 16cm guns. The navy budget discussions for 1867 called her a large flush deck screw steam corvette. The ships of her type were suitable in times of war to secure an open connection between the Netherlands and her colonies, to act as commerce raiders and in the colonies successful act against troop transports and joined by our ironclads to prevent enemy landings. The design was described as a quite heavy armament, sufficient horsepower and good sailing qualities.