Tuesday, 7 February 2017

British cargo ship Rosalind 1883-1895

Iron-built. Built by Kon. Mij. De Schelde, Vlissingen, Netherlands with yard number 41 for account of  Coppack, Carters&Co., Connah’s Quay, England. Building ordered on 28 September 18883, keel laid down on 17 November 1883, in the thrushes on 12 January 1884, plated on 2 April 1884, launched at 15.00 o’clock kon Saturday 7 June 1884, machinery tested while berthed on 23 July 1884, official trial on 2 August 1884, delivered on 6 August 1884 and sunk underway from St. Davids Harbour, Fife, England towards Königsberg, Germany off Elsinore, Denmark due to a collision on 9 November 1895.

Machinery consisted of 2 cylinder compound high and low pressure 30” stroke steam engine no. 53 delivering 90nhp-650ihp at 120 rpm (design) and 1 cylindrical boiler no. 75 to which the donkey boiler no. 79 was added. Machinery also made by the shipyard. One screw. Dimensions 176’2” (between perpendiculars) x 27’3 x (3’8½ fore-5’6½” aft at launching) 12’8” x 13’1½”(hold), a displacement of 350 (at launching)-1.200 tons, deadweight 680 tons (with the draught 12’8”), OBM tonnage 624 tons, gross tonnage 708 tons and net tonnage 436 tons. Hull divided with 4 watertight bulkheads. One fore mast with 1 yard and gaff and aft mast with gaff. Two life boats.

Contracted price ƒ10.746.52, real building costs ƒ 137.469,06 causing a loss of ƒ 30.006,41. Building costs ship ƒ 97.088,36, engine ƒ 28,307,36, boiler ƒ 10.988,14 and donkey boiler ƒ 1.085,20.