Tuesday, 14 February 2017

British House of Lords discussing replacement lost battle cruisers according to the Dutch newspaper Dagblad van Rotterdam dated 22 April 1942

Battle cruiser HMS Repulse sunk on 10 December 1941

HMS Hood sunk on 24 May 1941
Drawing made by G.J. Frans Naerebout and published in Op de Lange Deining written by G.A.J. Bovens

An item reported that the British House of Lords held a secret discussion [on the 21st] about the catastrophic losses of the Royal British Navy especially of battle cruisers. Former minister of navy lord Chatfield asked the cabinet if she wanted to replace the battle cruisers of the Royal Sovereign and Queen Elizabeth-classes [were battleships] by modern ships and in what stadium the conversion of the Lion-class battle cruisers [a never realized class of 6 fast battleships] was.