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Displacement of new British battleships needed to be further increased according to the Dutch magazine Marineblad dated 1938 no. 5

Queen Elizabeth-class


King George V-class

An item referred to the magazine Engineer dated 18 February 1938 which claimed that the next 5 British battleships would be armed with 9-40,6cm guns.(1) The weight of their battery was at least 40% more than the 35,6cm battery of the King George V-class.(2) To make a seminal protection and speed possible was the displacement to be considerable increased. On board of the Nelson-class battleship demanded the main battery 21% of the total weight.(3) For the new to be built battleships was that percentage limited to a maximum of 17% to obtain the necessary protection and speed. The displacement was to be increased with 5.000 tons. Building costs of one ship was around 10 million, 2 million more as the 8 million pond sterling of the King George V-class ships. The fact was however an unwanted difference in the several types of battleships.(4) Within some years were 4 types available of which the calibre and arrangement of the main armament, speed and protection differs, 2 kind of battle cruisers namely the Hood and the Repulse 4 different cruisers-classes, 3 destroyers-classes and different kind of aircraft carriers.

1.The planned but not realized Lion-class had a displacement of 43.230 (standard)-49.670 (full load) tons, a speed of 28.25 knots and a main armament of 3x3-40,6cm/16”Mk II guns. The Vanguard had a displacement of 45.200 (standard)-52.250 (deep load) tons, a speed of 30 knots and a main armament of 4x2-38,1cm/15” guns.
2. The King George V-class consisting of the King George V, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Anson and Howe had a deep load displacement of 42.923 tons, a speed of 28,3 knots and a main armament of 2x4&1x210-35,6cm/14” Mark VII guns (2x4&1x2).
3. The Nelson-class consisting of the Nelson and Rodney had a displacement of 33.950 (standard)-41.250 (full load) tons, a speed of 23 knots and a main armament of 3x3-40,6cm/16” Mk I guns.
4. The Queen Elizabeth-class consisting of the Queen Elizabeth, Barham, Warspite, Valiant and Malaya had a displacement of 27.500 (standard)-36.500 (full load) tons, a speed of 24 knots and a main armament pf 4x2-38,1cm/15” Mk I guns.