Saturday, 18 February 2017

Dutch bark Tjerima underway from the USA towards the Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper Java-bode dated 8 June 1889

An item dated 6th reported the passing of Nieuw Anjer, Dutch East Indies by the Dutch bark Tjerima underway from New York, USA towards Batavia, Dutch East Indies, where she arrived on the 7th captain Diepenbroeck.(1)

1. Owned by A. Hendrichs&Co., built by Meursing, Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1883, dimensions 188.2 x 36.7 x 21.1 feet and 1.013 tons tonnage. Call sign PTSW. Netherlands-flagged, homeport Amsterdam and net capacity 2.869,87 cubic metres/1.013,07 tons of 2,83 cubic metres.