Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Dutch brig 1st class Zr. Ms. Cachelot serving in the Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper Nederlandsche Staatscourant dated 31 December 1859

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Netherlands. Original source

An item dated The Hague, Netherlands 30th referred to tidings dated 7th November dealing with the movements of the Dutch squadron in the Dutch East Indies reporting that the Dutch brig Zr. Ms. Cachelot captain lieutenant C.L.J. d’Hamecourt stationed in the waters of Moluccas departed in September towards the Zuidwester-eilanden.(1)

1. Brig 1st class, call sign GQCF, on stocks at navy yard at Vlissingen, Netherlands by A.E. Tromp on 4 September 1844, launched Saturday 28 June 1851, transferred to the Indies Military Navy 1 January 1868, condemned and sold on a public auction at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies for ƒ 8.000 to Mr. Nicolaï on 4 February 1871, dimensions 30,50 (load line between perpendiculars) x 9,50 (inner hull) x 4,0 (fore)-4,3 (aft) x 4,71 (hold) metres, 499,5 tons displacement and an armament of 10-12 (30 pd grenade guns).