Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Dutch dredger Java launched at Schiedam, Netherlands according to the Dutch newspaper Nieuwe Schiedamsche Courant dated 29 February 1912

An item reported the visit of minister of colonies De Waal Malefijt at the shipyard Gusto. At that moment was there a mud suction dredger lying, ready to be delivered for the Dutch East Indies. The edition of the 1 March supplied more details. She was to serve in the so-called Westgat of the harbour at Surabaya, Dutch East Indies. Dimensions 70,56 (between perpendiculars) x 11,47 x 4,88 (hold) metres. Able to work on a depth between 5-25 metres. Fitted out 2-280 ihp triple expansion engines for the sand pumps and 2-450 ihp triple expansion engines for the propulsion. Further more two boilers each with a heating surface of 125 square metres and a working pressure of 12 atmosphere.  During the trials executed on the waters in the province Zeeland was cargo with a capacity of 700 cubic metres filled within 15 minutes with thick mud. She was to go under own power towards her destination.(1)

1. Yard number 419 the Java built for the Department of Colonies.