Sunday, 19 February 2017

Dutch screw steamship 2nd class Zr. Ms. Vice-Admiraal Koopman docked and repaired at Surabaya. Dutch East Indies according to the Dutch newspaper Locomotief dated 19 July 1873

Model rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Netherlands. Original source

An item referred to a tiding dated Surabaya, Dutch East Indies dated 8th reporting that last week the Dutch screw steamship 2nd class Zr. Ms. Vice-Admiraal Koopman left the dry dock. She was fitted out with a new stern tube and just like other broken parts were replaced. At the moment were the new shafts inside the ship placed. Next Friday was the crew to be embarked and on the Tuesday 15th was she to perform her trials while berthed, than a trial in the roads and if everything was proved to be alright to go towards Batavia. According to the rumours was she to participate in the blockade of Atjeh [Aceh].(1)

1. Ex-Leeuwarden, call sign GRBS, on stocks at the navy yard at Amsterdam, Netherlands by H.A. van der Speck Obreen 18 October 1856, renamed Vice Admiraal Koopman on 20 May 1857, launched on 29 April 1858, served in the Dutch East Indies, already reported in worse condition with a broken shaft and a weak aft ship with doubts about her decommissioned being condemned and not worth to be repaired on 7 August 1876, sold to be broken up 1877, displacement 1.600 ton, dimensions 56,00 x 11,25 x 5,40 metres, horsepower 250nph/700 ehp allowing a speed of 9 knots, an armament of 11 guns (6 long 30pd guns, 5 rifled 16cm guns) and a crew numbering 140 men.